Summer with Camp Google!

By Wirenews |1 July 2020

Two engaging weeks of interactive activities and assignments which will make this extended summer memorable for kids at home. Starting 1st July, 2020, Camp Google will share exciting and innovative assignments with your kids to help them explore skills such as painting, writing, storytelling, arts & crafts, coding and cooking. These assignments will also include internet safety tips which will teach you how to be responsible digital citizens while being safe online. 

Assignment 1
Raft across the waters of India with the help of Google Earth whilst sitting in
the comfort of your home. Take the journey and learn more about the importance of our nation's water bodies.
Step 1: Go on Google Earth’s website
Step 2: Click on ‘Launch Earth’
Step 3: Click on the search tool present on the left side of the screen
Step 4: Type “Rivers of India”
Step 5: Go to Guided tour (in the row right below the search bar)
Step 6: Click on the tour by ‘India Literacy Project’ and get exploring!
Once you are done, hop off and tackle the assignment
Paint and share with us your thoughts and opinions of how we can
conserve water. No restrictions. Your imagination and creativity is the limit!

Assignment 2
Explore the interface of Scratch and get yourself familiar with its concepts. To understand the basics of Scratch, click here. Some questions await you in the assignment below to test your knowledge. Discover the techie in you. Create your own game using Scratch and try to teach everyone around you something educational in a fun yet interesting way.

Step 1: Once you are done exploring the basics of Scratch,
Step 2: Start your coding journey by clicking on ‘Start Creating’
Step 3: Explore the various tools and concepts available
Step 4: Create your game which solves a problem you feel everyone is
facing in the current situation.
Step 5: Go to ‘File’ present in the top menu, save the game and upload the
same on the website.
Once your game is ready, take the assignment.

Submission for all assignments is 20. 7. 2020. So you can still participate in all the activities in case you have started late. Also, try to submit the assignments soon after they release. This will ensure that you don’t leave everything for the last day. 

To participate in Camp Google, get directly started on the assignments beginning on 1st July. Your email ID is your unique identifier. So make sure to sign-in with the same email ID across all assignments.  You do not need to register separately for the camp, just ensure you complete all the assignments. At the end of the camp, if your child has submitted all the assignments, they could get a chance to receive e-certificates, have sessions and courses with YouTube creators and get some exciting prizes!








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