HT Mint in new look and size

By Shajan C Kumar

On Monday, September 12, 2016 Mint, the financial daily from HT Media Group came out in a different size. From Berliner to Broadsheet! Why this change? Because the world has changed, explained the Editor.

"Back in 2007, when the approach of most business papers was to give readers less of more (or sketchy stories, often no better than headlines, on a lot of topics), Mint’s response was to do more of less (in-depth analytical pieces on substantive issues). Circa 2016, readers are demanding more of more for two reasons: there has been an increase in the number of issues that matter to them; and they would prefer to get everything they need from a newsroom they have come to trust as an accurate and authoritative chronicler and analyst of the business and economy. To achieve this, Mint has had to transcend the limits of the Berliner format it popularized in India and become a broadsheet, albeit one with the navigational aids, wraps, long-form narratives, and data stories that in many ways define what a newspaper should be in the digital era. Mint and Mint’s digital platform will complement each other. In effect, this isn’t just a cosmetic change in design and size but a fundamental rethink of a print product—and in terms of content too has changed", R. Sukumar wrote in his note to the readers.

The colour palette of the new design seems similar to the old one. Orange colour is still going strong. The modular format of layout is intact. It could be because of the pagination software package they use is bit rigid.

"It is a distinct honor for me to have been involved again with Mint, a newspaper very dear to me, as I also was there at the creation. Today, Mint makes big steps forward with a change to Broadsheet format, while maintaining the same levels of credibility and excellence in business journalism. I know the readers will enjoy what is more than a redesign and a total rethink of how to present business news in a modern, easy to read way for the digital age", wrote Dr. Mario Garcia, the world renowned News Designer.

Mint's new typography is based on Austin, Sanomat Sans and Algebra. A mix of Serif and Sans Serif fonts has been a fashion on newspaper design for a long time. Mint should have tried something different this time.

The front and back pages of Mint is carrying the nameplate in same format. This doesn't make any sense other than facilitating the advertiser with a feel good factor on the back page too!

It will take some time for the regular readers of Mint to get adjusted with this new size. The initial feeling is that a Berliner design is being forced to a Broadsheet format!

"My association with Mint dates back to before the paper was born since I was part of the original team that launched the paper nearly 10 years ago. With our refreshing design and an easy to consume business news approach, Mint created a different category of business news readers in India and I am proud to have been a part of this defining process" wrote Abel Robinson, National Creative Director, Mint.

A quick survey among the regular readers of Mint gives an impression that they were expecting much more from this redesign. Something different and innovative!







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