JULY 2017


10 Years of Reliance Jewels

By Wirenews

This August, India’s fine jewellery brand Reliance Jewels will complete a grand decade long run and is all set to celebrate its 10th Anniversary on 15th August, 2017. And here comes their new ad campaign which declares the 10 years of infinite priceless moments!

The aim of these films is to resonate with every Reliance Jewels customer’s souls as the films capture moments from the customer’s lives recreating their stories. The 1st Film in the series is launched on 29th July on digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. The campaign is created by Kaleido Communications.

It was two years ago when Reliance Jewels embarked on its new brand campaign lead by the thought “Be the moment” which advocated celebrating every moment like an occasion than waiting for an occasion to celebrate life. The brand ideology of “Be the moment” is taken a step further by celebrating the memorable moments of their customers that shaped Reliance Jewels  the brand it is today for over 10 years. The campaign thought “10 Saal. Unginnat Pal. Har Pal Anmol” that is “10 Years. Infinite Moments. Every Moment Priceless” expresses the brand’s journey over these years through customer stories that capture the moment behind their memorable occasions.

The story of #ReshmaThakur’sMemorableMoment played by Actors Tanvi Pallav as sister & Anuj Rampal as brother  revolves around a heartwarming moment based on the festival of Rakshabandhan. This film captures unique bond between a girl who receives earrings as a gift on tying a Rakhi on her brothers wrist. The usual emotion a sister jumping with glee is not displayed, instead the girl is hesitant on receiving such a precious gesture. The brother then moves to stand in front a photograph on a wall. It is when we come to know that the girl has lost her real brother on the battle front and the Rakhi brother is making up for the loss. The moment that makes this occasion special is not because the Rakhi brother gifted her an expensive earring, but the fact that he never let her feel the absence of her real brother.

“Through this film, we at Reliance Jewels want to acknowledge the countless moments close to our customers hearts and it has been a part of. We aim at celebrating the beauty of those countless unique moments on our 10th anniversary. We are truly looking forward to tapping into the pulse of the population with our new campaign”, said Sunil Nayak, CEO of Reliance Jewels.

Kaleido Communications (Creative Agency) along with Red Arrow Productions (Production House) & Pooja Khemani (Director) has succefully weaved the Brand’s Customer Stories beautifully.

"The highlight of this campaign are the stories and in their story telling. We have spared no efforts in ensuring that they bring out the moments in the occasions. From the cast to art, music and finer production values, every film speaks for itself", said Kumar Ganesan, Executive Director of Kaleido Communications.

The Brand will also have a 360 degree campaign announcing special Anniversary Offer for their patrons starting 5th August.







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