C-Safekey for no-touch style!

By Wirenews | 2 June 2020

NEW DELHI: Zaid Naim has developed a new product for you to gift to your near and dear in this time of Coronavirus. And it's a very crucial gadget to possess while you start to learn to live with Coronavirus! Zaid is a student of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Bennett University, Greater Noida, India.

C-Safekey, the no touch door opener tool is ideal for opening sliding doors, pulling down or up lever-type handles, and for pressing buttons on elevators and ATMs. Thanks to the front-located stylus point, this brass stylus tool is great for use on all types of public touchscreens.

Use the antimicrobial brass hand tool to avoid all contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. This brass door opener and stylus provides you with a safer way to utilise public touchscreens, to open doors, and to press buttons. The germ free door opener is made from solid brass, a naturally antimicrobial metal. When you invest in this brass touch tool you get an antimicrobial, practical, and durable hygiene tool that’s conveniently small and easy to carry. The frontal piece of the self-cleaning key brass tool comes with an ultra-handy stylus point that can be used to depress buttons on pin pads (ATMs), elevators and light switches. The hand free door opener’s ergonomic key-like design means that it’s easy to press buttons, to open doors, to manoeuvre lever-type handles, and to carry plastic shopping bags. C-Safekey is the ideal way to prevent cross-contamination. The brass no touch key tool, which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, has a hole at one end meaning you can hang it on your keyring, from your keychain, or pop the hygiene door opener in your everyday bag for safekeeping. C-Safekey weighs only 0.07g.

Zaid Naim did this development under the mentorship of Manish Mathur at Bennett Hatchery in Bennett University. Manish is passionate towards entrepreneurship, has dedicated his energies towards shaping up ideas and mindset of young startups from Idea to early revenue stage. A firm believer of Startsomething & GoDo attitude, he believes that an entrepreneur is an expert of his product/idea, thereby tries to create a challenging environment focused towards business side of it.

With an idea to make a startup backable & investable,  he would help an entrepreneur understand the business basics and different aspect of business they should also focus on to make a scalable system.

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