Dr. UP Shivananda (middle) and his team members Sinchana and Basker Rai with the author (left)
and Mr. Canute J Pinto, Director of Spearhead Media Pvt Ltd.


National leaders travel towards south! Local Newspaper Editor goes to North for Campaign

By N V Paulose, Director Global TV

Dr. UP Shivananda is the Managing  Editor of a reputed newspaper at grassroots level in Dakshina Kannada District. His newspaper Suddi Bidugade has three editions within the district. Separate editions for three Taluks in the district. Circulation of Suddi in its publishing Taluks is more than the circulation of all other newspapers in the areas even when all of them are put together.

What makes Dr. Shivananda contest the Parliamentary election from north? Which constituency is he going to contest? What is the purpose of it? Dr. Shivananda has clear answers for all these questions. His plan is to win attention of the National leaders and to remind them the fundamental idea of democracy and to alert them on few topics that they have forgotten over a period of time.

The nation had totally forgotten Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation. Gramswaraj is even rarely heard from the mouth of the leaders. None of them speak about it even by mistake. India lives in the Villages. It is an important fact that we cannot ignore. Hence Dr. Shivananda wish to alert the leaders and also the general public about the relevance of Gramswaraj. According to him, Villages are gaining importance automatically with the global connectivity that was emerged for various reasons. People should come together and take up development agenda into their hands is the idea that Dr. Shivananda spread foremost in the campaign.

Dr. UP Shivananda also wishes to alert the leaders about their false promises. Budget allocation is not a favour to people. Leaders should understand the budget money comes from the people. Giving back their own money is not a donation. Do not make publicity on budget allocations taking money from the same source.

In the campaign, he wishes to seek the leaders’ adherence on fundamental democratic fabric of India. Do not create any divisions of any sort. Do not claim some are nationals and some others are anti-nationals. Those are wrong notions. This is not good for the country in any way.

An important question in his campaign is about whose representative are we electing every time through the election process? Are we just voting for the representative of Delhi Administration or are we selecting our true representative. We get represented only when we elect our own representative who will represent us in the parliament? Doctor asks to all the citizens of the nation.

Dr. UP Shivananda is a highly acclaimed editor who is into action journalism at grassroots level. Every household in the Taluks where Suddi is published subscribe the publication. There is a long story behind the turnaround of Dr. Shivanada to become an editor leaving his flourishing practice at the peak of its performance. It was driven by his social commitment. Small leaflets meant to create awareness about health issues and wellbeing of the society had eventually turned out to be a large publishing venture. Hundreds of people are working with his establishment at rural places. His rural affinity is the reason for his all-round effort to bring quality in governance. With contesting election from the north, Dr. Shivanada expects to bring attention of national leaders towards the fundamental development topics.

Dr. UP Shivananda has a track record of creating awareness in the entire Taluk against forceful bandh (closure of shops etc.) that was a regular practice before his intervention into the topic. Over a period of time, the entire Taluk has become zero tolerant against the menace of forceful bandh. Today, if any one call for a forceful bandh, shops will ask for the days loss. No forceful bandh in the entire taluk today. He wanted to make this model a national campaign. Similar kind campaign is being done against social media abuse also.

Dr. Shivananda and his entire team conducts educational and employment seminars on a regular basis. Lot of campaigns like rain water harvesting etc. are also taken up on a regular basis.








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