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Ajay Kumar (middle) with Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Gautami Tadimalla.

Ajay Kumar on his Journalism Experiments and Experiences

By Shajan C Kumar

Ajay Kumar is a born Journalist! And I could feel it when I met him at his office in Patparganj Industrial Area, New Delhi. A veteran Journalist and Political worker, having over 35 years of experiences in India and abroad Ajay Kumar has his clear observations and views on what we need to address for a better Journalism in India.

Journalism was in his blood! Right from his childhood days, he had a fascination with written words. Something that is black and white. “Eminent Hindi Writer and Journalist Kanhaiya Lal Nandan was the editor of Nandan, the children’s magazine in those days. He used to sign as Aapka Bhayya on his magazine editorial. Every child in those days admired this magazine and the stories appearing there. So, when the teacher asked me what I wanted to become in life, there were no second thoughts about it! I always wanted to be the Bhayya The Journalist!” Ajay shared his memories of childhood.

Ajay Kumar was Group Editor of Megatech Media which published Hindi daily BPN Times and the national news magazine BPN Today. He was also Director of International Commission of Writers and Director of Media Affairs, International Council of Jurists.

Ajay’s early education was at a Kendriya Vidyalaya and he had an opportunity to experience much quality mentoring by his teachers. “There was a Malayalee Vice Principal Rajamaniji who taught us Hindi and his wife Lalithaji our Mathematics teacher. Both were so dynamic that it made our days worthwhile. They changed the entire atmosphere of the school to a quality knowledge hub of a mini-India. The school had students from all over India and we all lived in harmony. There was a news item published about our school and it was then read out in the assembly. This made me feel about the greatness of being a news man, a Journalist.”

Along with Journalism Ajay loved Politics. It could be the right combination which gives more power to a Journalist, work more dynamically to serve the public. And one day he became the National Spokesperson and National Secretary of Lok Jansakti Party.

“Journalism was not a well-payed job in those days. Rather people were doing it out of their passion. A social service endeavour and an intellectual expressionism in the making. So, it was a tough call for me. I started from the grassroots level from a Taluka reporting news of the days. I started in Hindi but soon moved to English Journalism.” Ajay explained the beginning of his Journalism journey.

After getting the right suggestion from a renowned editor Ajay joined Allahabad University for graduation. But the Journalism bug did not leave him. He went and met many editors for journalism assignments. After seeing his already published works they all were willing to give him assignments. And a Campus Reporter was born!

In those days meeting editors was easy. But in this age of modern journalism meeting, an editor who is sitting in his air-conditioned room is very difficult. You need to explain why you want to meet him. And then, his bunch of secretaries will recommend your request for appointment to the editor. If he has time and concern, then only he will agree to meet you! This is the way the journalism of the day getting away from the public interest.

Ajay Kumar was passionate about journalism. He started experimenting new styles of reporting which attracted the new generation readers of those days. He worked with many newspapers in India and abroad.

Ajai’s experiences include Consultancy in the field of Media, Management, Legal, Marketing and Advertising and Public Relations. As a hardcore journalist, he has worked in many difficult and demanding situation, like trouble tore Jammu and Kashmir, Naxalite infected area of India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He loves writing, breaking stories and travelling. He has been media adviser, to several top rungs Congress and NCP leaders besides being associated with Socialist movement.

When it came to marriage it was tested for a Journo, it was time to find out whether best practices of anti dowry marriage, caste less society will remain merely limited to reporting and writing or would touch him some way and somewhere. Soon, he realised that ideas of anti dowry marriage and caste less society has found a permanent place within him and saying no to many hefty dowries offers he decided to put into practice his cherished ideals and got married without dowry outside his caste and native state. Today he lives happily with his wife Dr Mala Saini an educationist and 18-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son who are studying in Delhi along with his parents and brothers and their extended family.

Ajay is currently associated with World Parliament, an initiative to create global leaders in all spheres of life. It's work for economic empowerment and entrepreneurship.







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